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Great conversation is always birthed out of curiosity, respect & wanting to understand. Talk with Trace the Podcast Show and the Media Company are about what connects us, makes us human. Doesn't matter what industry you're in, we can find something incredible about an organisations or individuals story. We produce podcast series and podcasts for other companies, we can be as involved from just a consult through to completely managing your podcast. It's up to you. We produce LIVE on stage or in the studio Interviews and in 2023, will begin producing documentaries.

The Talk with Trace Podcast Show, is where Trace sits down with individuals who are truly fascinating from all walks of life, different industries & occupations but with a common thread. Trace is interested in what drives & motivates people to make decisions, start companies, travel, hunger for change or to innovate and build something from nothing. Taking the time to listen, deconstruct & learn about how we operate as humans is fun, enlightening & often insightful!

You will learn, laugh & cry....
The episodes hit your earbuds on Monday's, unless on a production & filming break, we will keep bringing you great content, diverse & dynamic guest lists along with topics we will DIVE into.




I’m Tracey Thomas,
I love talking to people, I find them fascinating ….

I particularly find it humbling to sit & listen to their stories as they divulge their honest truths & triumphs! It's the idiosyncrasies & quirks that interest me, what drives them & why they do what they do that has sparked this Podcast!!

Be warned though, nothing is off limits as I talk to our extraordinary guests about their journey! We celebrate the successes, the vices, comical anecdotes, the relationships, business, travel, the challenges we all face & the hilarity of life!

I invite you to join me as I explore with each new guest, share a drink (yes, we actually do that on this Podcast) the wonders & chaos of being human!

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