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SEX & Relationships, affects us all

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

This week on the Podcast, I sat down over a green tea with the uncompromising Naomi Hutchings, Australia's Sexologist! "Now lets talk about SEX baby", let's get real for a moment people, sex comes out of relationship, so in order for a thriving sex life, it would make sense we talk about relationships too.

I wanted to get straight down to the REAL talk with Naomi, with no hesitation. I askedher right out of the gates, "what do couples mostly come to see you for?"

We talked about the blueprint of our growing up years, why sex is so taboo, monogamy, being curious about our partners still after years together, choosing love, communication and connection. It was refreshing and frankly, I could have continued to speak to her for hours more!

If you want to listen (on your own terms) to an expert on this topic, check out this weeks episode. I will provide you the link below as always.

Why should I/We talk to a sexologist?

Like you, most likely, sex is a deeply personal thing. Vulnerability doesn't come easy to me, but have found that when I am, the incredible response from my partner and friends has been overwhelmingly positive. So why are we not more open? Who fucking knows....If I may be so bold, as to encourage any of you to do something in your life that's scary, it's to spend time on your relationships. Listen, communicate and even when it sucks, take the time to TALK!

Want to hear me talk to Naomi, follow the link here for the one on one podcast episode, or click on the Video below to watch a sneak preview of our podcast: http://talkwithtrace.libsyn.com/naomi-hutchings-sex-relationships

For anymore information or if you want to connect with Naomi directly, visit her Instagram by simply clicking here: https://www.instagram.com/australiansexologist/?hl=en

Or contact her via her website: https://www.naomihutchings.com/about-naomi


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