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Want to leave the boring for PASSION... Institute of Code is the answer!

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

The Institute of Code helps people from all over the world code, webdesign, target market, reach audiences & gives you the keys to freedom in your business!

Have you thought of being your own boss, tired of not feeling enough or having fantastic ideas but not the time, money or inspiration to take the leap? You need professionals that can support you while teaching you the skills to market yourself, the business and have fun while doing it.

Who are they?

Institute of Code runs luxury learning boot camps on topics like coding, social media and content marketing in Bali, Indonesia. Talk with Trace sat down with Co-Founder Tina May to discuss their story. Inspiring & thought provoking!

"It's about freedom to do what you really love."

Talk with Trace the Podcast

You guys know I travel the world interviewing amazing and outstanding people. Tina for me, was not like the others in many ways, she is down to earth, resourceful and endearing, the real deal in my opinion. Her story touched me, in that you can be massively down and out and turn it around to find true happiness and sucsess both professionally and personally. Listen to this episode of us talking real life, the messiness of life and the successes along the way. I do recommend that if you want to better your business in the digital marketing space yourself and become clearer of the tech involved with a thriving business, then you MUST get over to Bali for the 10 day retreat the Institute of Code offers.

Click here to hear my sit down interview with Tina:
Episode link: http://talkwithtrace.libsyn.com/tina-may-swap-boring-for-what-you-want-entrepreneur-redefined

Website link here: https://www.instituteofcode.com/

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