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Australia's BADASS formidable women, her story!

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Being an ex athlete, I have met numerous tough yet inspiring women, but none like Bianca Elmir. This is not a blog to over emphasise a point or sell you a product, rather tell you about Bianca as she is TRULY different and unique in every way.

A Muslim women's boxer, Australian featherweight champion, she has a degree in International Relations, spent 2 years in South Africa helping troubled youth AND is a coach for troubled young men, on the central coast of Australia. Bianca is MORE than an athlete she is the quintessential, "make my own life plan" kinda gal.

Not entirely accepted by the Muslim community and often rubbing up against the stereotypes in the boxing world, Bianca struck me as the kind of women who is so ridiculously driven, every day is a testament to the definition of dedication, resilience and breaking molds. She is an LGBT ally and travels the globe chasing the dream of being the worlds number #1 female boxer in her division. This women has so much heart it's saturating!

I sat down with Bianca on the Pod to talk women in sport, business, being authentic, her rebel side, and her troubled youth years. We talk life, being taken from her home in Lebanon at the age of 3, growing up as a minority, pushing boundaries and limits, living with passion, having a full life and doing it with pride. This story will captivate you as Bianca did me, as we sat and spoke over a cheeky scotch or 2.

See the link here to the podcast episode: http://talkwithtrace.libsyn.com/bianca-elmir-australias-featherweight-boxing-champion-living-an-authentic-powerful-fierce-life

Below, the official documentary trailer on Bianca's story..... check them both out!

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